Best Lawn Bowls For Beginners In Australia

Finding your first set of bowls can be daunting, especially with such a variety of makes and models to choose from. If you're based in Australia, and looking for your first set of bowls then look no further than this guide to the best lawn bowls for beginners in Australia.

Best Lawn Bowls For Beginners In Australia

Choosing your first set of bowls is an exciting time for any new bowler. You’ve saved up and are ready to take the plung with a brand new set!

Choosing the right brand and model can be tricky, there are some many to choose from and many will not suit the conditions of the greens found in Australia. Australian greens are generally faster than those found in other countries, so all of the major lawn bowls brands have developed models specifically for them.

In this guide I’ll go through what I believe to be the best models for beginners in Australia.

The criteria

Before I go through my recommendations I wanted to run over what I based these choices on.

The main characteristics that I have been looking for are:

  • affordable - whilst the prices I have included in this guide are for a brand new set, they should all be easy enough to find second hand
  • comfortable - all of the models in this guide have comfortable grip options. This will help you control the bowl as you are fine tuning your technique
  • suit the style of game you will be playing - most newer players play lead or 2. Therefore the models in this guide will suit that role, but with enough bias so that you are not restricted as you progress

Therefore, I have chosen models that have:

  • good availablity in the second hand market
  • have good grip options
  • have a slightly narrower bias to help drawing to the jack

Now we have got that out the way, lets take a look at the best lawn bowls for beginnners in Australia.

Taylor Vector VS

In the introduction to this guide I mentioned that models have been made specifically for Australian greens, however one model that bucks this trend is the Taylor Vector VS.

The versitility of this model is so wide that it is a favourite of bowlers all over the world.

The Vector VS plays much narrower on the slower greens of the UK and Canada, but in Australia it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Due to the faster greens it will play as more of a mid-biased bowl, but this is no bad thing.

Its predictable and steady draw will mean that you will be able to judge your line when playing lead, but with enough bias that you can continue to use them as you progress through your time playing bowls.

Key features:

  • Price: A$710
  • Best for: Lead bowlers on all surfaces
  • Type: Mid-baised


  • Great for those who want to play lead more
  • Still very much cost effective
  • Nice draw arch to the jack


  • Will play a bit wider than some of the other models on this list

Henselite Dreamline XG

The Dreamline XG is an extremely popular model with bowlers of all experience levels. It is a mid-biased bowl, so it will be narrow enough for drawing to a bare jack, but aslo offer enough bias for when you play singles matches.

The bias means that it will be suitable for just about any green you can think to play on, so it’s ideal for those who play both indoors and outdoors.

Henselite offers a fantastic range of colours and grips, so you are certain to find something to suit you. Whilst the Dreamline XG is the most expensive model in this guide, it certainly makes up for it with quality.

Key features:

  • Price: A$769
  • Best for: Good all-rounder
  • Type: Mid Biased


  • great mid-bias option
  • wide range of colours and grips
  • top quality brand


  • the most expensive model on the list

Taylor GTR

Another Taylor model on the list - this time its the GTR. The GTR is a relatively new model, and slots into the Taylor range as one of the narrower models on offer.

This will be suited to those who want to dedicate themselves to the lead role, or those who play on faster outdoor surfaces and indoors.

The GTR will still offer enough bend for any bowler when drawing to a bare jack, but you may struggle if you want to progress to be a skip, or if you play on slightly slower rinks.

Key features:

  • Price: A$710
  • Best for: Lead bowlers on all surfaces
  • Type: Narrow/Mid Biased


  • ideal for lead bowlers
  • nice draw arc to the jack


  • may be restrictive if you want to play other positions

Drakes Pride Conquest

The Conquest entered the Drakes Pride range in 2013, which makes it pretty new by bowls standards! Like any new model it was developed and tested using the latest methods. As you’d expect it delivers a bowl that is less affected by the wind, making it more stable than some of it’s predecessors, as well as having a consistent, predictible draw line with a flat finish.

These characteristics are extremely common with newer bowls models compared to the wider biased bowls of the 80s and 90s. This makes it ideal for newer bowlers just taking up the game.

If you’re willing to forgo the jazzy colours you’ll find it to be dramatically cheaper than all of the other bowls in this list!

For me, the Drakes Pride Conquest is the ideal bowl for new bowlers in Australia.

Key features:

  • Price: A$589–A$699
  • Best for: Good all-rounder
  • Type: Mid Biased


  • great bias for newer bowlers
  • consistent and predictable draw
  • great price point


  • might be tricky to find second hand

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